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Mississippi State University's Premiere A Cappella Group

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Welcome to TrebullDawgs A Cappella at Mississippi State University! We are a harmonious and passionate group of singers, dedicated to spreading the joy of a cappella music across our campus and beyond. As a tight-knit family of vocalists, we come together to create breathtaking performances that showcase our unique musical talents. Through hard work, creativity, and a deep appreciation for the power of voices united in song, TrebullDawgs A Cappella delivers unforgettable melodies and unforgettable experiences. Whether you're interested in joining our ensemble or catching one of our captivating shows, we invite you to explore our website for updates on auditions, upcoming events, and more. Discover the magic of a cappella with us and be part of the musical legacy at Mississippi State. Go Dawgs!

Check Out Our ICCA Debut Performance

Embark on a melodic journey with the Trebulldawgs as we proudly present three original arrangements by our Music Director, Adonijah Mpinga. The sequence begins with Chains, a soulful exploration of the complexities of love, where emotions are interwoven with the metaphorical 'chains' that bind hearts. This soul-stirring piece sets the stage for the Intro to My Everything/In the Kitchen mashup, a unique fusion capturing the essence of love's initial bloom and the joyous intimacy found in shared moments.

The narrative reaches its crescendo with Sorry Not Sorry, a dynamic expression of empowerment and self-discovery. This piece serves as a triumphant conclusion, where the complexities of love are navigated, and individual strength is embraced. Through these meticulously crafted arrangements, the TrebullDawgs bring to life a love story that unfolds through musical notes, transcending boundaries and resonating with the profound emotions that define the human experience.

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