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Fall Auditions
Do you want to Be a TrebullDawg?

Who are the TrebullDawgs?

TrebullDawgs is the only a cappella group on MSU’s campus! As a tight knit group of 16 members, our passion for singing and performing makes lasting friendships inside and outside of rehearsals. TrebullDawgs perform multiple times throughout the academic year for both MSU and the Starkville community. We also plan to compete at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella this year! As new opportunities arise each day for our group, new and exciting events are being planned for this upcoming academic year.

What should I expect as a TrebullDawg?

As a TrebullDawgs member, you should expect extensive rehearsals and independent study outside of rehearsal. TrebullDawgs will become your favorite part of your college experience—a place you will gain best friends on and off the stage.

What will rehearsals be like?

We typically rehearse every Monday and Wednesday, with additional rehearsals added as needed throughout the year.

The time of our weekly rehearsals is based on members' schedules, so if these days don't work for you, don't worry! 

I'm new to music, should I still audition?

Absolutely! We have had many members with varying levels of music experience, and the majority are not music majors. We encourage anyone who loves to perform to audition!

What will auditions be like for Fall 2023?

For this semester's auditions, TrebullDawgs will be hosting in person auditions. 

You will be expected to sing the first verse and chorus of a song (any genre is acceptable)! We want you to sing whatever best showcases both your vocal abilities and range!

If you have any questions regarding the audition process or TrebullDawgs in general, please email or DM @TrebullDawgs on Instagram!

Where can I sign up?


If you are planning to audition for TrebullDawgs in the fall, please fill out the following form to sign up for auditions!

Auditionee Information Form

If you are unsure about auditioning but would like to receive reminders and updates about auditions, fill out this form with your email!

Prospective Auditionee



Auditions will be held at the Chapel of Memories on August 24th and 25th from

6:00 PM - 9:45 PM.

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